Birkenstocks Size Chart – Finding Your Perfect Fit

July 28, 2023
Size Chart
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The quest for the ideal shoe fit often leads many on a wild goose chase. Yet, if you've landed on Birkenstocks, your journey to comfort has just begun. Understanding the Birkenstocks size chart is paramount to enjoying every step in these iconic sandals. In this guide, we delve deep into making sure your feet find their true match.

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Why Use the Birkenstock Shoe Size Chart?

  • Precision: Birkenstock's dedicated size chart ensures that every contour of your foot aligns with the sandal.
  • Comfort: An accurate size match guarantees that you’ll experience the iconic comfort that Birkenstocks promises.
  • Longevity: The right size means lesser wear and tear, ensuring your Birkenstocks last longer.

Birkenstock Size Chart CM

Birkenstock Size Chart for Women: What to Know

The Birkenstock size chart women often search for isn't too different from the generic chart, but there are nuances to consider. Women's feet, in general, tend to have a narrower width. The good news? Birkenstock caters to this with their 'Narrow' and 'Regular' width options.

Tip: Women should always check both the length and width when consulting the size chart.

Breaking Down the Birkenstock Size Chart in CM

For those who prefer a global measurement, the Birkenstock size chart cm is a handy tool. This metric version provides clarity for international buyers, ensuring you get the right size, irrespective of where you're shopping from.

How to Measure:

  • Place your foot on a sheet of paper.
  • Mark the tip of your toe and the end of your heel.
  • Measure the distance in centimeters.
  • Compare with the Birkenstock size chart in CM.

Birkenstock Sandals Size Chart: Embrace Summer Comfort

The Birkenstock sandals size chart isn't just about the length of your foot. It's about the width, arch, and the intricacies that define every foot. Sandals need a precise fit to ensure maximum comfort, especially during those long summer walks.

Note: Always cross-check the model-specific size guide. Some Birkenstock sandals may have unique fitting recommendations.


Diving into the world of Birkenstocks requires a small but essential step – getting the size right. Whether you're referring to the general Birkenstock shoe size chart, seeking specifics for women, or diving into centimeter measurements, always remember: the perfect fit is the key to unmatched comfort.

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