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Accurate Sizing with the New Balance Shoes Size Chart

February 15, 2024
Size Chart
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Accurate Sizing with the New Balance Shoes Size Chart

New Balances have been dedicated to your walking and running comfort since 1906. If you’ve wondering about accurately sizing your next pair, getting your shoe size right affects not only comfort but also the health of your feet. 

We're here to help you navigate these sizes with the New Balance Shoes Size Chart, a tool that ensures you're stepping out with the perfect fit every time.

Understanding Shoe Sizing Fundamentals

Different regions use different shoe sizing systems, like the US, EU, and UK. Here’s a breakdown:

  • US: Commonly used in America, where sizes are offered for men, women, and children.
  • EU: The European system is based on the size of the last (the foot-shaped mold shoes are built around) in centimeters, making it quite straightforward.
  • UK: Slightly different from the US sizes, the UK sizing can be a bit confusing when converting.

To measure your foot size accurately:

  1. Stand on a piece of paper with your heel against a straight edge or wall.
  2. Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper.
  3. Take a ruler and measure the distance between the wall and the mark.
  4. Write down your measurement and match it to the size chart for your best fit.

For a reliable foot measurement guide, you have several options:

  • Use a manufacturer-provided guide.
  • Visit a shoe store for professional measurement.
  • Download and print a guide from online.

Remember, wearing the right shoe size saves you from common issues like blisters, bunions, and general discomfort. It's just one part of ensuring your feet are well taken care of.

A Guide to the New Balance Shoes Size Chart

When you’re ready to pick out a new pair of New Balance shoes, you should use the size and width information from the New Balance Size Chart to ensure a fit that is not too tight or too loose. It is also important to remember that sizes are not universal and can vary between brands, so always compare your size with the New Balance Size Chart, even if you know your size in a different brand. Furthermore, specific models of shoes might fit differently, so consider the design and materials when choosing your shoe. For international orders, consult a global size conversion chart to translate your size into UK, EU, or other international sizing systems, ensuring a smooth purchase process from anywhere.

Tailoring Fit: New Balance Width Options

Selecting a shoe that fits the width of your foot is critical for overall foot health, comfort during wear, and performance in athletic activities. New Balance offers various width options, from narrow to extra-wide, that cater to your unique foot shape and needs. By choosing the right width, you can prevent common foot problems and enhance stability and support during physical activities. Match the width to your usual shoe size, and consider trying a different width if you frequently encounter shoes that feel too tight or cause slippage.

Considering Foot Shape and Athletic Needs

The right New Balance shoe for you also depends on your personal foot shape and athletic requirements. Different shoe lasts from New Balance accommodate a wide range of foot shapes with broader forefeet, narrow heels, varied arch types, and foot volumes. For athletic needs, consider the type of activities you engage in, such as running, cross-training, walking, or casual wear, and choose New Balance shoes equipped with the appropriate support, cushioning, and technologies for those specific activities.

Converting Your Size for International Orders

To ensure a proper fit when ordering New Balance shoes from international locations, use a global size conversion chart. This tool assists in accurately translating your US shoe size into EU, UK, or other international sizes, facilitating a better shopping experience across borders.

New Balance Shoe Size Chart-Men’s

New Balance Shoe Size Chart - Women’s

Tips for Trying on New Balance Shoes

Trying on your New Balance shoes effectively is key to finding the best fit. Keep in mind these essential tips:

  • Shop later in the day, as feet can swell slightly.
  • Wear the kind of socks you expect to wear with the shoes.
  • Check for a thumb's width of space from your longest toe to the shoe's end.
  • Make sure your heel fits snugly with little to no slipping.
  • Walk around to evaluate any discomfort or movement within the shoe.
  • Use insoles for additional support or adjust the laces for a better wrap around your foot.

Take your time with the try-on process and consider a professional fitting at a New Balance store to combine style and comfort tailored to your feet

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